Conditions of Contract and Important Notes

  1. The transport of persons and all other services stated in this flight ticket are subject to Austrian law, in particular the aviation legal regulations. The individual applicable tariffs as well as the conditions are specified in this contract.


  1. We are obliged to point out that in accordance with aviation law, the carrier’s liability to be made responsible for the death or injury of a passenger, as well as the loss or damage of passenger’s possessions carried during a flight, is limited.


  1. For the protection of the flight guest and his or her possessions carried during a flight, to conform with legal requirements, a public liability insurance has been arranged with the AXA Insurance Company AG.


  1. Stocky Air, or the tandem pilot, is only obliged to indemnify any such loss when damage or loss has been proven to be caused by the negligent actions or omissions from Stocky Air or its staff and/or persons working under contract for them. Liability is not accepted when the carrier and persons associated with it have taken all necessary measures for the prevention of damage, or these measures could not be met. The carrier’s liability for possessions carried by a passenger during a flight is limited to the maximum insured in the public liability contract. Claims over and above this amount are only valid when negligence or malice on the carrier’s side can be proved.


  1. Exclusion or restriction of liability applies equally in favour of employees and/or authorised persons of Stocky Air.


  1. Stocky Air endeavours to transport the flight guests as punctually as possible on the agreed flight date. Given flight and/or transport times are, however, not a component of this contract and are subject to change without prior notice without the requirement of compensation or reimbursement of the flight ticket to the passenger. The same also applies to the intended flight path, flight time and intended landing area which can be changed at any time for reasons of safety, weather or any other valid reasons without any liability for compensation.


  1. Liability is also not accepted for fragile or perishable items, as well as valuable objects, for example, jewellery, watches, cameras, or money. Glasses and/or cameras are to be fastened in such a way that loss in the course of the flight can be excluded. The conveyance of flammable materials or explosive products is forbidden, and excluded from all public liability.


  1. Stocky Air is not responsible for damage occurred when flight or official regulations have been observed and/or can be made liable for damage or accidents which occur on the way to the starting point or from leaving the landing area.


  1. The flight passenger must confirm that he/she is in a good mental and physical condition. He or she is obliged to turn up at the designated starting area at the agreed time. The flight passenger is required to observe instructions from the pilot at takeoff and landing, as well as during the flight. Non-appearance of the passenger at the agreed flight time will result in the loss of the right to fly. If no firm flight date has been agreed on, the flight ticket is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue, during which the flight can be made during the official working period of Stocky Air. The passenger is required to inform the pilot if he or she:
  • Has had a serious accident within the last 12 months (fractures, torn ligaments, concussion or similar);
  • Has suffered a serious illness/condition within the last 12 months (heart condition, spine, intervertebral disc, high blood pressure organ complaints or similar) is, or has been undergoing medical treatment;
  • Suffers from, or has suffered within the last 12 months, psychological or mental illness (drug addiction, disturbance of consciousness or similar);
  • Has consumed alcohol within the last 12 hours.


  1. Although a tandem flight is generally a harmless and safe activity, the passenger must be aware of the possible risk of danger or accident, in particular that even with the greatest of care and ideal flight conditions, especially take off and landing, as well as incorrect ascent can result in significant injury (for example, sprains, fractures, spinal column injuries and concussion amongst others). Windy conditions influence take off, cause a bumpy flight and a harder landing, and may generally increase the risk of injury. Finally, the passenger must be aware that in extreme situations, a crash may result in death.


  1. The passenger specifically agrees to the use of photographic and film material made during flights by Stocky Air and/or his pilots for advertising purposes etc.


  1. No employee or authorised person of Stocky Air is entitled to change or amend the regulations stipulated in this contract. If one of the regulations in this contract should be invalid, the remaining regulations remain unaffected.


  1. Austrian law applies to all disputes arising from this contract. The exclusive area of jurisdiction is the district and/or national court of law responsible for 6283 Ramsau.


We wish you a pleasant flight!         Firma Stocky Air




Passenger Ticket


I confirm that I have read in detail the text on the back of this form, and will only commence flight once I have received a comprehensive briefing from the tandem pilot, and all questions referring to my tandem flight have been satisfactorily answered. The existing insurance levels and protection offered, the limitations of liability and the correct behaviour before, during and after the flight have been explicitly explained to me by my tandem pilot.


I confirm that I have received a comprehensive briefing from my tandem pilot and have been informed on how to behave correctly during my flight.