Safety - An Important Topic

How can a passenger trust to put their safety in our hands?
It's not easy if you are not familiar with paragliding. But we can give you all the information about the subject - and then you can decide for yourself.

Stocky Air offers you maximum safety, not only with the equipment, but also the Training of the Pilots. Only pilots of the highest caliber are allowed to fly for us. We are more than happy to show you the equipment safety test stamps and our pilot licences so that you can be confident in our abilities.

Our Equipment

The equipment is always the latest and newest standard:

  • the glider is tested every 150 flights, or yearly, whichever comes first (comparable with a car's MOT.)
  • the lines are measured and corrected when necessary
  • the glider is regularly examined for air permeability and damage
  • in addition, we only fly with the most modern paragliders
  • the harnesses are also the latest model
  • an extra thick back protector made from the most modern material protects the pilot and passenger, just like an airbag in a car

The Emergency Parachute

Our parachutes are state-of-the-art. They are checked and repacked on a regular basis to ensure they will function quickly and correctly in an emergency.

Have we every needed to use one?
Not yet - But better safe than sorry