Details of the Tandem Flight

The Take Off

At the take off point, the passenger is fitted with the harness and a helmet. The pilot then explains the take off procedure. He then lays out the paraglider (approximately 42m2), makes the final checks and secures the passenger on to himself and the paraglider. Then the pilot gives the command to start; only a few steps is enough to fill the glider with air. Both the passenger and pilot must run together in order to come off the ground. With a good updraft of approximately 10 km/h, the starting run is about 10m, with less updraft about 20m.

The Flight

After the take off, the passenger can sit comfortably in their harness in front of the pilot and enjoy the wonderful views. The airspeed is about 40km/h with a drop of about 1m per second. During the flight it is possible for the passenger and pilot to speak very clearly to one another, and, therefore, the pilot can respond to the wishes of the passenger: from quick steep curves to calm gliding, everything is possible. And if the passenger dares to, it may also be possible to fly the paraglider himself.

The Landing

The landing is soft and uncomplicated. Just a few steps is normally enough to complete the landing. The pilot will certainly prepare you in plenty of time. Sometimes it is necessary or easier to land in a sitting position, for example, when flying with heavier or older people, or when there is no wind.