Training - Learning to Fly

If you've caught the flying bug (for example, after a tandem flight), there is a cure!

Note: Stocky air is not a Flyingschool we just do Tandemflights so far

You can also book a complete course immediately, details of which you can find below or on the website of the Flight School.

Details About the Training

To be able to fly a paraglider, you must qualify for a licence, much like a licence for driving a car. There is just a small difference between the Austrian and German licences: The Austrian licence is called the Paraglider Licence, the German one is called the A-Licence or Limited Flying Licence. The training systems are almost identical and both licences entitle the pilots to fly from all mountains, etc.

Following is a short overview of the training course and costs.


1. The Beginner's Training
  • Duration approx. 6 days
  • Equipment provided by the flying school
  • Training objective: The Austrian training certificate

It serves as the basis for the Paragliding Licence. In the beginner's training course, the students learn to start, land and turn, and also make the first 5 altitude flights. Together with theory lessons on 5 different subjects, you familiarise yourself with the most important principles of paragiding.

2. The Altitude Flight Training
  • Duration approx. 6 days
  • Equipment provided by the flying school.

Depending on how your flying school structures their course, the next step will be an altitude flight training course (for example, the altitude flight training course of the Wildschönau flying school) under the supervision of the flying school. A minimum of 20 altitude flights is mandatory.

3. Building up flights
  • The student should now possess his/her own equipment (available through the flying school)
  • Next, another 15 high altitude flights must be made, but not necessarily under supervision

However it is necessary to get a "flight order" from the flying school before each flight.

4. The Paragliding Licence
  • Duration 4 days

Once the student has completed all of the high altitude flights (a total of 40), he/she then has passed the requirements to do the paragliding licence. There is then a few days of theory lessons, after which he/she must pass an oral and practical exam.
At last, the new pilot is allowed to fly alone!

The Price

Up to this point you have paid a minimum of €1000 for the licence, if, for example,  This includes rental equipment, cable car journeys, insurance and training material.

The price for the paragliding equipment is anywhere between €1500 and €2800, including glider, harness and rescue shoot; depending on whether one wants to purchase new or used.

Important: The price varies from school to school, definitely compare prices and look out for hidden costs!